Gift of Giving

Welcome and thank you for your interest in supporting McDonough Presbyterian Church.  As Christian stewards, we receive God’s gifts gratefully, cultivate them responsibly, share them generously with others, and return them with an increase to the Lord.  The gift of your time, talent and treasure will benefit our church and allow us to support our community through our many missions.

Please use the form on this page to give to McDonough Presbyterian Church. Members can also use Realm for easy giving.


Ways to give to support McDonough Presbyterian Church

General Giving: General giving goes directly into the general operating account to cover the expenses of the church and to support our many mission programs.  Members are encouraged to follow the Biblical principle of tithing ten percent of their income but always asked to give with a cheerful heart.  Offering envelopes are encouraged for members or regular givers and are available from the Assistant Treasurer.

Minister’s Kindness Fund: The Minister’s Kindness Fund is a separate account from the operating account and goes directly to people in our community who are in need of financial assistance and meet our screening process requirements.  Please indicate “MKF” on your check if your gift is intended for this account.

Volunteering:  When most people think of supporting their church, they think solely in terms of financial support. But at MPC, we need your support in many ways that don’t require you to write a check! We are always looking for volunteers to assist with various projects around the church. From grounds maintenance, children and adult bible learning classes, Wednesday night dinners to Congregational Care events, we have an opportunity for you!

Endowment Fund:  An endowment fund is an investment fund set up for people who wish to contribute long-term accumulated assets to our church during and beyond their lifetime.  It may receive gifts that would not have otherwise been part of the annual giving.  By contributing to the MPC Endowment fund, you make an enduring statement of faith about the church, help support its ministries and leave an indelible legacy.